Mina Kaye Jaeger August 12, 2015 at 04:08AM


So its 3:30 in the morning and I just called 911 for the first time in my life. I woke up scared to two gunshots that sounded like they were nearly right in front my my house. I freak and run into the living room where Knight is walking out of his bedroom just as confused as I am. It wasn’t a car backfiring, and it wasn’t fireworks like we are used to. So here we are freaking out do we call 911 or the police station? For all I know someone is bleeding out in the alleyway. So I call and a cop shows up not even a minute later. Said we were the second house to make the phone call. My adrenaline is pumping. I’ve heard guns from living out in the country, but not like two shots being fired directly in front of my house. I can’t sleep and I’m pacing… Wish it was easier to calm down right about now.


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