Kick Him To The Curb


So Wednesday night Kayla beat everybody to the punch. I left Zack at home so I could go down to Burlington on my own and spend some quality time with my dad. But I started having so much fun without him there. Kayla came down and dad brought his band. Can’t remember what happened to my pay so I wish I had taken it a bit easier on the beer but none the less I know I had a blast. We ended up over at Brian’s. Zack started blowing my phone up but Kayla answered instead and man did she give him a mouthful. She essentially broke up with him for me. All I could do was laugh in the background. This I think is what best friends are for. In the morning Kayla said she was scared I wasn’t going to stick to my guns but I did. I told him I was done with the relationship and I wanted him to move out. After a cold walk down to my car which I had left at the Brew, I made my hung over self down to Burlington. Dad and I spent the evening eating homemade potato soup and watching movies. I even took a bubble bath once he passed out. Zack called me begging for another chance. I just don’t see it working out though. I’ve enjoyed this past day without him. I’m not as stressed and the only stress I do have is when I’m thinking about having to kick him out on the street in this cold weather. Who seriously doesn’t have their life together so badly and burns every bridge that they legitimately have no where to go. I finally told dad everything and he seems to back me up when it comes to leaving him. Once again I just have to stick to my guns but the boy just doesn’t listen. All he can here is whatever he plans to say next. How does somebody logically kick someone out into the cold. Did I mention he even managed to piss off his Lawyer on the phone, proving my point that he doesn’t listen to the question being asked he just jumps to the first conclusion in his head and gets defensive. But I’m not his mother and he is not my responsibility. He claims he can do so well for himself on the street, well then let him do it.

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