Barf… It’s Christmas. 


Fine, your happy. I get it. Congrats. Happy for you… No really I am… But seriously do you have to inform the world in such a way that I makes me sound like I was so wrong? As if I was some life regret of yours? Way to make a girl feel insignificant and useless. My relationship was a “hi, look, I’m finally distracted.” Yours was, “oh look, this new one, way shinier.” You don’t think I hate myself every time I see you wishing I could have been what you were looking for? Are you truly so blind to realize how much willpower and respect for you it took to walk away and wish you the best? I’m glad and happy we need on good terms and glad you were able to find “your person”. All the more proof that I’m a real life Version of Good Luck Chuck. Which just makes it worse because it happened… Again… For like the.. Millionth damn time… I was the girl before mrs right. I’m uncanny how many times this has happened. As I said you, the self proclaimed miserable piece of shit found happiness in the end… And I’m still on the path to becoming the crazy cat lady. I was fine until you had to overly rub it in my face. Thanks for that. Merry Fucking Christmas. 

In other news, another Christmas in the company of people that I didn’t even attempt to bond with, considering I had just attempted to break it off with Zack the night before, but it didn’t happen, and I still  had to smile through the function even though he’s either, dumb, blind, or in denial to the fact that it’s only inevitable. The clock is ticking. Another boyfriend, another failed attempt, another favor of the month. They never really seem to stick around. Three months generally and then I attempt to shake them loose.

Positive of the day: not a lot of traffic, sped the entire way to Burlington. 

I woke my dad from a slumber, but before I did I watched him. He looked like a corpse. It scared me a bit. But I opened some gifts and enjoyed the time with my family I could. Even got to spend time with my brother Seth and grandma jaeger. Aunt dawn got me a cool candle wax burner that I’ve been wanting. Zacks grandma got my the snow car cover I had wished for. Seth bought me a new pillow which I really needed.

Then Seth and I bailed, raided walgreens, then went and bullshitted with my mother. She really seemed to enjoy the company. Well world, sorry for yet another rant. Until the many more intended for the future. 2016… You better kick some ass cause this year sucked balls.


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