Mina Kaye Jaeger – April 09, 2016 at 02:33PM


Model Stranger is a band near and dear to my heart. They are one of my favorite original bands I’ve had the pleasure to encounter. I feel so blessed to have them perform for my birthday party tonight at the Mississippi Brew. Since joining Whiplash Abby and relocating to the Quad City area The Brew has become a second home. I’m very excited to introduce everyone there to the awesome sauce that is Model Stranger.

What is so profoundly sentimental to me is the fact that even though my friends and I may have grown up and created lives of our own, we always managed to come together at a Model Stranger show. As if a day had never passed the hugs, dancing, and laughs continue as I hope will be the case again this Saturday.

Model Stranger is a great group of gentlemen. You can’t forget to mention their friendly mustaches. It’s very likely you will see us sporting our own either drawn on or fuzzy stick ons. They are primarily original with some fun covers everyone loves in between, but I stress the fact that their originals are so catchy and upbeat that I seriously have left their CD’s in my car for months at a time for continuous jamming. Not to mention they have been my ringtone for at least a year.

I hope Muscatine brings along their friendly Mustaches and joins me for Birthday fun tonight on the dance floor.