Getting with my inner Punk


Band practice went AWESOME last night and the boys were all joking and cracking up as usual. I needed that. We were on a roll too. Seemed to be getting the Shakira song down fine, but then went we did Ain’t if Fun by Paramore it just fell right into place perfectly. Then Todd surprised the hell out of me and we learned the Harlem song RIGHT ON THE SPOT! It was great! Not to mention somehow I make it sound like I’m auto tuning myself like it does in the song. NO clue as to how I do that.

Knight sounds as though he is having a terrible day and wants to drink away his problems. Whitney is coming to town to save me from mine, and I think I’ll done myself up in the purple wig again, just because I feel like it. Oh did I mention Tuesdays Punk show? I finally got on stage and sang with “Follow me to Hell.” I missed going to Agrestix shows.