Mars in Libra Calls for a Relationship Assessment

After plowing through hard-working, critical Virgo for the last few weeks, Mars switches gears to sail into social, fair-minded Libra on December 7. Here, Mars will throw its weight and energy behind strengthening relationships and making sure promises are honored. Mars normally remains in a sign for about six weeks, but due to upcoming retrograde activity, this fiery planet will house itself in Libra for eight months — plenty of time to address arguments and apply a fair, balanced approach to issues!

Three days after Mars’ entrance into Libra, December 10 features an engaging alignment between Mercury and Uranus. Conversations will be witty and off-the-wall, for Uranus tends to get people thinking far outside the box. You’ll have no tolerance for boredom — in fact, your main objective will be to keep coming up with exciting little adventures!

With Mars lending its take-action prowess to Libra, the sign of peace and justice, this is an ideal time to take a good look at your own romantic relationship. Is it heaven-sent … or could it use a bit more work?


The Stars Challenge Your Relationship

When Venus runs into rebellious Uranus and possessive Pluto on November 15, your heart will be severely tested. Under Uranus’ influence, tensions will come to the surface, and one (if not both) of you will rock your relationship’s boat. Meanwhile, with Pluto also at the helm, one (or, again, possibly both) of you will desperately try to maintain the status quo. Expect a push-and-pull conflict between freedom and control that will be difficult — but certainly not impossible — to overcome.

On November 17, the full Moon rises in Taurus opposite the Scorpio Sun, making for another challenging transit. Taurus is grounded and practical, while Scorpio is passionate and emotional; both, of course, are extremely stubborn. Somehow you’ll have to find a way to balance these two opposites … but a little ingenuity will go a long way.

Finally, two days later on November 19, the universe will give you the break you’ve been waiting for! An exuberant alignment between Mars and Jupiter will leave you brimming with confidence and willpower. Effort and luck will combine to help you successfully tackle any task on which you set your sights!


The Stars Challenge Your Work Ethic

Mars, currently in meticulous Virgo, meets Saturn on November 9 to whisk you down the straight and narrow path of work, work, and more work. Prepare to toughen your fortitude and perseverance as you put your nose to the grindstone!

Also on November 9, Mercury partners with Neptune to throw off your well-laid work plans. Daydreams could distract you from the hard-lined approach you need to maintain, so remaining on track could prove particularly challenging.

Mercury makes a move in your favor on November 10 when it finally turns direct once again. However, the planet of communication’s change of direction means it will slide right back into alignment with Neptune on November 11 for another day of daydreams and distractions.

Fortunately, luck is in your favor on November 12 once the Sun and Jupiter get together. At the very least, you’ll feel good about yourself and any recent decisions you’ve made … but if you put in a bit of extra effort, you’ll have the potential to achieve something far greater that could have long-lasting effects!

Finally, Neptune turns direct on November 13 — a very subtle shift that will nonetheless lead to a better understanding of your true self.


The Heavens Remind You What’s Most Important

If the beginning of this month got you a little down, don’t worry. By November 4, things will start to turn around — and maybe even pick up the pace!

November 4 sees Venus move out of adventurous Sagittarius and into calculating Capricorn. This may not seem like the most exciting move for the planet of love, but it will certainly help you transform yourself into someone more sophisticated and chic, ensuring more effective networking and business success for you! Outwardly, romance may fizzle … but behind closed doors, earthy Capricorn will bring out the more sensual side of your relationship.

November 6 will act as a bit of a speed bump of sorts, as this day sees Saturn conjunct the Sun. You’ll need to deal with mistakes and eliminate excess before you can expect to make any forward progress.

Jupiter then turns retrograde on November 7. For the next few months, you’ll want to focus away from material expansion as you instead try to dig deeper and uncover your true purpose. Once you have that figured out, you’ll find that material success will be easier to achieve. Besides, the best things in life are almost always free, right?

Venus will reinforce that last point on November 8 when it forms a sweet, charming alliance with Neptune. Romance will be tender and you’ll find yourself reaching out to friends, all while you try to help those in need. Indeed, it’ll be a feel-good day all around!

As you consider what’s most important to you, why not take some time to evaluate your relationship?