The Stars Challenge Your Relationship

When Venus runs into rebellious Uranus and possessive Pluto on November 15, your heart will be severely tested. Under Uranus’ influence, tensions will come to the surface, and one (if not both) of you will rock your relationship’s boat. Meanwhile, with Pluto also at the helm, one (or, again, possibly both) of you will desperately try to maintain the status quo. Expect a push-and-pull conflict between freedom and control that will be difficult — but certainly not impossible — to overcome.

On November 17, the full Moon rises in Taurus opposite the Scorpio Sun, making for another challenging transit. Taurus is grounded and practical, while Scorpio is passionate and emotional; both, of course, are extremely stubborn. Somehow you’ll have to find a way to balance these two opposites … but a little ingenuity will go a long way.

Finally, two days later on November 19, the universe will give you the break you’ve been waiting for! An exuberant alignment between Mars and Jupiter will leave you brimming with confidence and willpower. Effort and luck will combine to help you successfully tackle any task on which you set your sights!


Leap Cosmic Hurdles

When life’s ups and downs leave you flustered and wondering which way to go next, look no further.

So, which upcoming transits contain the biggest hurdles? Well, fortunately, the first one won’t present much of a challenge! On the contrary, in fact, as the brooding Scorpio Sun flows into a smooth alignment with dreamy Neptune on October 25, during which you may have trouble differentiating between your imagination and reality. Passion will be put on hold as love becomes platonic and nurturing. If you don’t try to accomplish anything major during this transit, you should pull through it without any real problems.

October 29 will present a slightly taller obstacle as retrograde Mercury runs into hard-headed Saturn. You’ll need to deal with financial concerns, and mistakes you’ve made in the past could rear up once again. Saturn will demand that you face your problems directly and take care of them once and for all. It may not be fun, but in the end, you’ll be glad you took action.

Then, on October 31, you’ll encounter your biggest hurdle of the bunch as Mars and Pluto come together for a formidable transit — one that will force you to truly grasp the nature of your situation before you can do anything to fix it. Mars will be chomping at the bit to make progress, but Pluto simply won’t allow it until you prove you know what you’re doing.


Astro Alert


Dear Kimberly,
Charming Venus in harmonious Libra just wants life to flow smoothly and romantically … but when Venus goes up against Pluto and Uranus in the coming days, romance will be anything but smooth.So, what exactly are you preparing for? Firstly, on August 24, Venus squares off against control-happy Pluto. Sure, your powers of persuasion and seduction will be at an all-time high, but so will your levels of jealousy and insecurity. If negative thoughts invade your mind, just keep reminding yourself that they will soon pass — it’s simply Pluto at work.

Also on August 24, the Sun and Mercury fall in line with each other in detail-oriented Virgo. If nothing else, this cosmic connection will provide a distraction away from Pluto’s powers, as you won’t be able to resist getting practical matters taken care of and out of the way.

Then, on August 25, Venus falls into a difficult opposition to disruptive Uranus. After the previous day’s struggles, Uranus’ independent nature could tempt you to just stomp off and do your own thing. However, take several deep breaths and try not to let these rough-edged energies overpower you! Freedom may seem appealing now, but holding off on big decisions for just a couple days could save you from doing something you’ll later regret.

Don’t let love crumble!