Mars in Libra Calls for a Relationship Assessment

After plowing through hard-working, critical Virgo for the last few weeks, Mars switches gears to sail into social, fair-minded Libra on December 7. Here, Mars will throw its weight and energy behind strengthening relationships and making sure promises are honored. Mars normally remains in a sign for about six weeks, but due to upcoming retrograde activity, this fiery planet will house itself in Libra for eight months — plenty of time to address arguments and apply a fair, balanced approach to issues!

Three days after Mars’ entrance into Libra, December 10 features an engaging alignment between Mercury and Uranus. Conversations will be witty and off-the-wall, for Uranus tends to get people thinking far outside the box. You’ll have no tolerance for boredom — in fact, your main objective will be to keep coming up with exciting little adventures!

With Mars lending its take-action prowess to Libra, the sign of peace and justice, this is an ideal time to take a good look at your own romantic relationship. Is it heaven-sent … or could it use a bit more work?


The Stars Challenge Your Work Ethic

Mars, currently in meticulous Virgo, meets Saturn on November 9 to whisk you down the straight and narrow path of work, work, and more work. Prepare to toughen your fortitude and perseverance as you put your nose to the grindstone!

Also on November 9, Mercury partners with Neptune to throw off your well-laid work plans. Daydreams could distract you from the hard-lined approach you need to maintain, so remaining on track could prove particularly challenging.

Mercury makes a move in your favor on November 10 when it finally turns direct once again. However, the planet of communication’s change of direction means it will slide right back into alignment with Neptune on November 11 for another day of daydreams and distractions.

Fortunately, luck is in your favor on November 12 once the Sun and Jupiter get together. At the very least, you’ll feel good about yourself and any recent decisions you’ve made … but if you put in a bit of extra effort, you’ll have the potential to achieve something far greater that could have long-lasting effects!

Finally, Neptune turns direct on November 13 — a very subtle shift that will nonetheless lead to a better understanding of your true self.


Astro Alert


Dear Kimberly,
Charming Venus in harmonious Libra just wants life to flow smoothly and romantically … but when Venus goes up against Pluto and Uranus in the coming days, romance will be anything but smooth.So, what exactly are you preparing for? Firstly, on August 24, Venus squares off against control-happy Pluto. Sure, your powers of persuasion and seduction will be at an all-time high, but so will your levels of jealousy and insecurity. If negative thoughts invade your mind, just keep reminding yourself that they will soon pass — it’s simply Pluto at work.

Also on August 24, the Sun and Mercury fall in line with each other in detail-oriented Virgo. If nothing else, this cosmic connection will provide a distraction away from Pluto’s powers, as you won’t be able to resist getting practical matters taken care of and out of the way.

Then, on August 25, Venus falls into a difficult opposition to disruptive Uranus. After the previous day’s struggles, Uranus’ independent nature could tempt you to just stomp off and do your own thing. However, take several deep breaths and try not to let these rough-edged energies overpower you! Freedom may seem appealing now, but holding off on big decisions for just a couple days could save you from doing something you’ll later regret.

Don’t let love crumble!