Bring Out The Aries


So, while in the kitchen attempting to make my first egg omelet. Finally, The phone call I’ve been waiting for!

“I don’t know how I feel about living on the Iowa side of the river anymore.” Jake said. Confused I responded “Huh?”. “I Got It.” Was his response.

I Went NUTS. Screaming and dancing around my apartment with joy and happiness. (Most likely freaking the shit out of my sister) *eek* The Law Of Attraction once again working in my favor. I will have my best friend by my side to face this city head on. My fellow Aries is moving to Moline and we will once again be partners in crime. Raiding and ruining, raising hell and instigating. It shall be GRAND!

For dinner I made spinach salad, hominy, and baked tilapia. Both Knight and Desi said I did good. Knight took me to Home Depot where we managed to find wall brackets for the closet then went to Shucks? uh, and Knight started having cravings… which through discussion, struck a chord with me. Somehow he managed to talk me down with little problem. Which would have made him look like a god in my parents eyes. That shit just doesn’t happen and I’m not sure how he does it. The conversation ended with sweet nothings and laughter. I need his approval daily or I feel like I’m not doing something right. Then we surprised my sister with the ice cream from culvers she’s been craving so badly. She freaked out and we laughed at her contented happy squeals. Then she was sweet and gave Knight and I the place to ourselves for a bit. I love having him in my arms. My favorite place to be is in his.

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